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A jolt of inspiration

With rather a lot of change going on in my personal life, I've recently found it hard to let my creativity express itself in my patchwork. This has not been helped by having just a few too many UFOs that I've felt I should be focussing on. So Cindy Griselda workshop organised by the Quilters Guild, which I'd booked months ago, came at just the right time.

Cindy is an improv quilter that I've found inspiring in my own improv journey. I've used her books to start me off on some of my own pieces

So actually having a workshop with her was really exciting. The workshop was split into two sessions a fortnight apart which was great as it provided time to work on the piece between the two sessions.

I hadn't previously thought about using triangles to provide movement and extend a block in an iteresting way. Similarly I found using lines out to the edges of the piece brought cohesion. These are techniques that I'll consider in future pieces.

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