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Quiltspace has a refresh

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Welcome to the new Quiltspace website!

I started Quiltspace as a blog back in 2014 and then developed the site in 2018 when I started quilting for customers more regularly and restarted teaching workshops. Now 5 years on, the site was looking tired and I had quilted so many quilts I wanted to present in a more attractive way. On top of that I've developed new workshops reflecting my focus on modern patchwork.

As you explore the site, I hope it will inspire you about the quilting part of making a quilt. Yes it comes as a cost but then so to did the fabric and all the time and effort you've invested in making the quilt top. And I get that after all that time and effort, it can feel like starting all over again when you're now faced with the quilting, particularly when all the effort of putting the quilt sandwich together and then manhandling it through the throat of your domestic machine is not an attractive prospect (I've been there and that's why I started long arm quilting!).

So where ever you are in the country, rather than letting a quilt top languish, give it life and take away the hassle for you by thinking about having it long arm quilted. I ( and my customers) never cease to be amazed at the transformation from flimsy quilt top to finished quilt with its texture and added interest inspired by the piecing or applique of the quilt.

For those of you looking to oragnise workshops for your quilt group or quilt shop, check out my current list of workshop with a modern theme.

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