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I am available to  teach a range of patchwork workshops.  Please see below for my current list.  My fee for  workshops which are day long (10 to 3.30/4) are £250 plus a contribution to my mileage.  I also provide 1 to 1 tuition in patchwork and long arm quilting from my home studio at £25ph.






Improv 101

This workshop introduces you to improv patchwork, introducing you to the elements of improv that you will make into a cushion or bag

Pinwheels go improv
Pinwheels Go Improv.jpg

In this workshop you make large pinwheel blocks which you then cut up and sew back together!  Totally scary and really liberating! 

Emersed in Improv

This  workshop is aimed at those who have already started to explore improv and would like to  create a larger more complex piece. Although I will have examples to inspire you, the idea of the workshop is ta take improv techniques and develop your own piece

Hidden Stars

This is a versatile block that looks so different, depending on the fabrics you use.  You can use modern or more tradition fabrics for a very different look and use a dark instead of light fabric  for the star.  If you don't want to make another quilt, this block can be used to make a cushion


This block is made using the foundation piecing technique and being simple is a good opportunity to try this technique if you haven't before.  There are numerous layout options once you've made your blocks. If you don't want to make another quilt, I've also made this as a cushion and a bag

In a spin

The design for this quilt looks far more complicated than it is to make – always a bonus!  Using a simple template (supplied at a cost of £5 per person) which can be cut with a rotary cutter, the impact of the quilt comes from fabric choices and placement.  

Bags from old jeans

So you have an old pair of jeans, maybe with the knees gone – why not use it to make a bag (a tub or a shoulder bag) or peg bag.  This is a  fun workshop – you will be cutting up your jeans, choosing fabrics to go with them, sewing from the right sides, snipping seams and ending up with something useful!



My fees for talks are £50 plus a contribution to my mileage.

Adventures with patchwork

In this talk, I share my patchwork and quilting adventure so far, from running my patchwork kits on line business, to taking up longarm quilting and becoming a modern quilter.  I show lots of my quilts to illustrate the various directions I’ve taken.

Demystifing Long arm quilting

In this talk, I explain what long arm quilting is, how it’s different from other forms of quilting and what sort of quilting I do on my long arm.  The talk is brought to life by the plentiful selection of quilts I have quilted in this way

Confessions of a fabric fondler!

A light hearted look at why we buy so much fabric and having got mountains of the stuff, how we can organise it, dare I say “use” those much fondled fabrics and make scrap quilts along side our projects so we can justify another trip to the quilt shop!

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