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"quilting makes the quilt"

Longarm Quilt Services

I offer a longarm quilting service using my Handi Quilter 20” Amara  machine.  I work with a 12 foot table which means I can quilt quilts up to 120”/10 feet wide.  I free motion quilt  rather quilting with a computerised system.

I will quilt your patchwork top in a design and thread colour of  your choice offering  my knowledge and expertise, if required,  to help transform your patchwork top into a fabulous finished quilt. 

I mainly provide custom quilting  though I can also quilt all over designs which are a cheaper option.  Click on the button below to see the ptiving guide

Custom quilting

Custom quilting  is the perfect partner for those quilts where the piecing and/or appliqué is striking, if there are lots of background areas,  quilts which have been a labour of love or have been made for someone special and are destined to become an heirloom.

I usually use different quilting designs in the  borders from the main body of the quilt with the quilting of the main body often emphasising the quilt blocks that have been used.  Using fine threads which blend with the quilt, it  can still be quite understated rather than appearing“quilted to death”!

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All over quilting

This will cover your quilt with one simple overall pattern often based on a meander and maybe including loops, flowers, leaves, hearts as may be appropriate to the quilt.   It does not take account of the individual blocks. 


This apprach works well where the fabrics or design is quite busy and the quilting is frankly going to be lost.  It’s also a good option for children’s quilts or everyday quilts.


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What you need to do to get a quilt ready for long arm quilting

Firstly do not pin or baste the three layers together!  The front, the back and the wadding are loaded separately onto the quilt frame.


  • Check all seams for gaps or loose stitches

  • Trim all loose threads from the front and back on both the quilt top and quilt back

  • Square your quilt top and backing fabric

  • Press the quilt top and make sure the seams lie as flat as possible

  • Mark the top of your quilt if directional. Pinning a note to the top of your top is the best way of doing this


  • Backing  needs be at least 4”-6” larger than the quilt top on all sides, to accommodate loading it onto the quilting machine

  • If you are using your own wadding, please make sure that it is the same size as the backing fabric

  • If you need to join the backing fabric, first remove the selvedges and stitch using ½ “ seam allowance, press the seam(s) open. It is fine to leave the selvedges on outer edges of  your backing as eventually they will be trimmed.

  • Again, if this is directional, please mark the top with a pinned note.

And finally

  • Please do not use polyester fabric or sheets for backing

  • Please do not embellish with buttons, beads, bows etc before quilting. You can of course add these after your quilt has been quilted


Any remedial work that needs to be done to your quilt by me is likely to mean an increase to the original estimate so it’s best done by you in advance!

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