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If you're not a patchworker you may be interested in purchasing one of my completed quilts. Like any creative person, I need to express and develop my creativity through my chosen medium, in this case fabric.  So I make quilts, because I need to -  I want to use the lovely fabrics I've bought, decide how to use them and then have the pleasure of quilting them.  As a result each one is unique so if one happens to suit your tastes and home colour schemes, treat yourself to something that's one of a kind and is part of my patchwork journey


I have been long arm quilting since 2010 and have been quilting for customers since 2019. I free motion quilt rather than using computerised designs.  I'm also a prolific patchworker, mainly creating modern and improv patchwork pieces.  I enjoy inspiring fellow quilters whether by helping them finish their wonderful quilts or teaching workshops.  My quilting service is nationwide.

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