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Focussing on the negative space

Focussing on the negative space

As many of you will know, a feature of modern quilts is “negative space” in other words the space that’s not the blocks!  And this is often where all the action is from a quilting point of view.

This is a friend’s quilt that she asked me to quilt for her.  She wasn’t that happy with how it had turned out – not her usual bright colours and certainly lots of negative space which is also not her usual style. To be honest, I felt a bit daunted but then thought about two great pieces of advice from other long arm quilters – focus on what’s the most important part of the quilts (clearly the blocks in this case) and break down big areas for quilting into smaller more manageable areas. These really helped.

So I broke the negative space into various areas and chose a number of different quilting designs for each of them. And interestingly I found that the best way of emphasising the blocks was not to quilt them but to leave all the quilting on the white background fabric.  It was a great way to get to know my new quiliting machine and I throughly enjoyed quitling this quilt.  I’m glad to say my friend was really taken with the result too – phew!!

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