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Talks and Workshops

I am available to give talks and  teach a range of patchwork workshops.  Please see below for my current list.  My fees for talks are £50 and the workshops which are day long (10 to 3.30/4) are £200 plus a contribution to my mileage.  I also provide 1 to 1 tuition in patchwork from my home at £25ph.



Adventures with patchwork

In this talk, I share my patchwork and quilting adventure so far, from running my patchwork kits on line business, to taking up longarm quilting and some of the patchwork I’ve done in between.  I show lots of my quilts to illustrate the various directions I’ve taken.

Demystifing Long arm quilting

In this talk, I explain what long arm quilting is, how it’s different from other forms of quilting and what sort of quilting I do on my long arm.  The talk is brought to life by the plentiful selection of quilts I have quilted in this way

Confessions of a fabric fondler!

A light hearted look at why we buy so much fabric and having got mountains of the stuff, how we can organise it, dare I say “use” those much fondled fabrics and make scrap quilts along side our projects so we can justify another trip to the quilt shop!


Diamond table runner

This table runner can be made on the day with just the quilting to do afterwards.  It can make a lovely Christmas runner or for other seasons of the year.  A fairly straightforward make, it’s suitable for those with little experience or as a relaxing day for those who are already proficient.

Offset stars table runner

This is another table runner that can be made during the workshop.  A series of stars are placed off centre to provide more interest.  It can make an attractive addition to your Christmas decor or be made in other fabrics for year round use.  Probably requiring a little more experience in patchwork than the diamond runner.

In a Spin Quilt

The design for this quilt looks far more complicated than it is to make – always a bonus!  Using a simple template (supplied at a cost of £5 per person) which can be cut with a rotary cutter, the impact of the quilt comes from fabric choices and placement.  A modern design makes is a great choice for teenager quilts or even a quilt for the man in your life.  Suitable for confident beginners and enjoyable by anyone.  Once you’re in the swing, it comes together fairly quickly and the size is up to you.

Crazy patchwork

Crazy patchwork was all the rage at one time in the 19th century and has still survived as a popular technique, partly I suspect because it uses scraps, enables us to use really lush fabrics like silks and appeals to those among us who like to embroider and embellish.  Nothing is too much when it comes to crazy patchwork.  In this workshop, I give some background to the technique and show examples of some amazing work (not mine!) and then I will talk about the various approaches to construction.  Later in the day, once you’re confident about  making crazy patchwork, we will look at the embellishment aspect.

I love scrap quilts!

This workshop is a great follow on from my fabric fondling talk.  Using 2 1/2″ squares of scrap fabric, there are a number of scrap quilts we can make and if you get into the habit of sewing these together as leaders and enders when you are chain piecing other projects you get a head start on your scrap quilts. After that, adding some half triangles or applique gives even more variety and interest.  At the workshop you can choose which scrap quilt design you would prefer to work towards and then off you go!

Bags from old jeans

So you have an old pair of jeans, maybe with the knees gone – why not use it to make a bag (a tub or a shoulder bag) or peg bag.  This is a liberating workshop – you will be cutting up your jeans, choosing fabrics to go with them, sewing from the right sides, snipping seams and ending up with something useful!

Being deliberate about colour

Colour choice is at the heart of our patchwork or applique and yet so many of us worry about the fabrics/colours we choose.  Hopefully this workshop will give you more confidence about your colour choices.  It’s a largely non sewing day (though you do get the chance to get the sewing machine out in the afternoon if you wish!).  We will look at what makes a “successful quilt”, explore the colour wheel and the different colour relationships and analyse some quilts from a colour perpective.  And then it’s play time – putting fabrics together, being adventurous with colour choices.

Finding freedom in improvisation

While I enjoy making and admire traditional quilts, I also love the freedom, adventure and creativity which come from the improvisional approach to quilt making.  Cutting without rulers, not worrying about 1/4 seams and seeing where the fabrics take you is very liberating and quite addictive.  This workshop is what you want to make of it!  I will show you a number of improvisional techniques to get you started and then you decide where you want to take it – a wall hanging, the basis of a bag or the start of a quilt.