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Quilt Preparation, Delivery & Pricing

What you need to do!

Firstly do not pin or baste the three layers together!  The front, the back and the wadding are loaded separately onto the quilt frame.


  • Check all seams for gaps or loose stitches
  • Trim all loose threads from the front and back on both the quilt top and quilt back
  • Square your quilt top and backing fabric
  • Press the quilt top and make sure the seams lie as flat as possible
  • Mark the top of your quilt if directional. Pinning a note to the top of your top is the best way of doing this


  • Backing  needs be at least 4”-6” larger than the quilt top on all sides, to accommodate loading it onto the quilting machine
  • If you are using your own wadding, please make sure that it is the same size as the backing fabric
  • If you need to join the backing fabric, first remove the selvedges and stitch using ½ “ seam allowance, press the seam(s) open. It is fine to leave the selvedges on outer edges of  your backing as eventually they will be trimmed.
  • Again, if this is directional, please mark the top with a pinned note.

And finally

  • Please do not use polyester fabric or sheets for backing
  • Please do not embellish with buttons, beads, bows etc before quilting. You can of course add these after your quilt has been quilted


Any remedial work that needs to be done to your quilt by me is likely to mean an increase to the original estimate so it’s best done by you in advance!

How to get your quilt to me

You can either send your patchwork top in by post and I will call you to discuss your requirements or alternatively make an appointment to visit me here in the lovely Waveney valley which is on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

If you are sending me a quilt, please let me know in advance!  And make sure you use a ‘Tracked’/Signed For’ service for your quilt.  When your quilt arrives,I will contact you to let you know it has arrived safely, usually by e-mail, and call you to discuss thread and quilting design options. If I am returning your quilt to you by post, it will be via a courier service.

If you wish to drop your quilt off with me, this is by appointment only to ensure I’m available so just give me a call or complete the contact form.  Similarly if you are picking your quilt up from me, this will need to be done by prior arrangement when I contact you to let you know your quilt is ready.

Pricing Guide

The cost of long arm quilting is dependent on the size of the quilt and the complexity (including remounting the quilt for separate borders, changes of thread etc) of the quilting.  The table below gives an idea of the likely cost  depending on the size and the type of quilting.  However, once I have seen your quilt but before proceeding, I will provide a specific quote based on the exact size of your quilt, taking into account the type and complexity of the quilting and any other services we agree I should do.


Size All Over   Simple Complex Binding Attach
Front only
Binding complete
hand stitched finish
Cot up to
36″ x 40″
£40    £50 From £70  £20  £40
Lap up to
50″ x 50″
£70    £80  From £110  £30  £50
Lap up to
60″ x 60″
£85    £110   From £150  £40  £70
Single up to


£120    £150 – 170   From £185  £50  £80
Double up to
80″ x 95″
£170-£200    £180 – 220  From £270  £55  £85
King up to
90″ x 100″
£185-£220    £ 230 – 280  From £300  £65  £100



If you would like to discuss your requirements please email me (claire@quiltspace.co.uk) or call me on tel 07708140756.

Payment for the quilt is due on completion of the quilt and must be made before the quilt is returned to you.