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Festival of Quilts 2014

Yesterday a friend and I made our annual trip to the NEC for the Festival of Quilts.  It’s always such an inspiration to see the variety of ideas, interpretations and just beautiful quilts.

I was really pleased that Philippa Naylor had won the traditional quilt category and thought the quilt was superb


The overall winner was also pretty amazing too -


As was the clock

FoQclock    IMG_1327

Some of the other quilts that caught my eye were













New swing seat canopy

Last summer the canopy on our swing seat finally got to the stage when it needed replacing.  So in the expectation of some lovely sunny days, I took advantage of a rather wet weekend to use up some of my scraps and make new one.

It was all rather iterative – ie I made it up as I went along! which was very relaxing and then lightly quilted it with leaves and flowers.


After the rain stopped yesterday afternoon, I was able to sit back and enjoy the garden.




Quilt therapy in Hamburg

We’ve recently been on holiday in Germany and spent a couple of days in Hamburg. I took the opportunity to search the Internet and found a quilt shop to visit!

The Quilt House ( is located quite close to the centre of Hamburg and while there isn’t a great deal of fabric to fondle, there were some super quilts on display.  Both the owner, Andreas,  and his mother are long arm quilters so we found much in common!

He also designs templates and patterns – the day we called in they had had a delivery of plastic templates and were busy making up the instruction packs.  Needless to say I bought one together with some fabric and a magazine to give me a fix after two weeks of patchwork abstinence!


Hector and Hessian – a bit of fun!

We’re having an Open Gardens & Scarecrow Show in our village today.  Rather ambitiously, we decided to make Hector and Hessian jumping over our hedge.  It seemed like a good idea before we started!

It has taken much studying of pictures of horses jumping over fences, quite a bit of hessian and straw and lots of invention!  Getting him in position over the holly hedge last night was a challenge but  a bit of bribery of male family members with a BBQ first seemed to do the trick





Little Waltham Quilt Show

Every two years one of the groups I belongs to hold a quilt show. It opened today and finishes tomorrow.

So on Thursday afternoon, it was time to set up


We had lots of great quilts – and lots of smaller pieces of patchwork


After a few hours, the chaos (and the Church) was transformed






And in the entrance, we hung the raffle quilt -


Wild Garden - Quilting detail1

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog and join me in the next stage of my quilting journey.

For 7 years, I ran an online patchwork kits business but last year the pressures of my day job became too much to combine the two any longer.

I’ve been enjoying taking some time out for the last year of not writing patterns, cutting up fabric for kits and packing up orders for my very kind partner to take to the post office.

I learnt a lot with Patchkits – both running a business and also the challenge of designing simple but attractive kits for newbies to patchwork.  It also gave me the excuse to buy a long arm quilting machine to help me make up the sample quilts more  quickly and easily.

But it was time for a change and the work pressures gave me the excuse.  I plan to develop my skills in both the techniques and designing of quilts and want to make quilts that don’t have to have the end customer via a kit in mind! I also want to have fun as this is the antidote to my professional life working in the City of London.