Gentle lap quilt

In the summer, I fell in love with these fabrics at Sew & So’s and just had to buy them.







My first plan was to make some cushions for our sitting room but then I remembered a quilt I made a few years back from fabric I’d bought in the States -









And thought it would be nice to make the pattern again in these fabrics.  As I wanted a slightly larger quilt, I made the large blocks wider and added a couple more blocks to each row.  Obviously this resulted in several more trips to the quilt shop for more fabric but I was very pleased with the result.







But I still need to make some cushions!


Split Stars on Point

Sew & Sos were able to provide me with just the right grey background for my 16 split star blocks.







so I spent a productive couple of hours last week putting the split star blocks on their points interspaced with grey blocks.







This has resulted in a 40″ square which I’m going to add some borders – a plain grey border, a 4 patch border using some the fabrics I used for the split stars and a further grey border.  I hoping the result will be fairly dramatic but not too busy – and there will be lots of “negative” space for quilting!



Split Stars Quilt

A couple of years ago Amanda Hall from Monkey Buttons came to our quilt group to give a workshop on some of her designs.  I chose to make the split stars using some layer cakes from Zen Chic.







As the cutting was quite complex and the making of the block was rather time consuming, I didn’t make a lot of progress at the class and the project had become one of those UFOs lurking at the bottom of a box.  And if I’m honest, I wasn’t very happy with how the blocks turn out – you need to be really accurate.

So it seemed about time to get on and finish it – I thought it would make a rather lively statement on the bed in our shepherd’s hut.

Each of the blocks needs two backgrounds and fabric for two half stars.







With some careful cutting I’ve managed to get enough fabric to make two half triangles so the star is truly split .







So far I’ve made 16 blocks and they have not got any quicker to make!  I’ve also realised that I get quite bored making lots of the same block even using different fabrics so rather than make another 14 which I think I need to make the quilt big enough, I’m going to put the blocks I’ve made so far on point on a dark grey background and go from there.  But I don’t seem to have the right grey in my stash and will need to wait for my local patchwork shop (Sew & Sos in Bungay) to open after the holidays.



A real treat

I was recently in the US and realised that I wasn’t a million miles from Jinny Beyer’s Studio in Great Falls, Virginia.







I have huge admiration for her fabrics as well as the wonderful book she took 10 years to produce which catalogues lots of patchwork blocks. I find it a wonderful resource if I’m looking for inspiration or am looking for a particular book.Jenny was at the shop and it was lovely to meet her in person.  They were taking part in a shop hop across North Virginia and Maryland so the place was buzzing with ladies who were visiting all 10 shops and picking up free patterns and other goodies.







Knowing I was unlikely to be back – at least for a while – I bought some lovely kits of her fabrics which I’m now itching to start.


I’ve finished my bag!

Well it’s taken longer than I’d thought it would but I’ve now finished my bag.  I really enjoyed the variety of the applique and the odd bit of patchwork.



One of my friend’s have suggested I might like to give it to her for Christmas – fat chance!!  I think it will make a great workshop bag.


Slow going!

I’ve been struggling over the last couple of months to make much progress on my projects.  I finished my log cabin quilt a while back but haven’t yet got it loaded on the quilting frame.


I know once it’s on I’ll want to get on with the quilting and that will slow down my various sewing projects.  Currently I’ve 3 on the go and that’s 2 too many!  Two are applique projects that I fell for at the NEC



And this is the other



Some how I always think applique won’ t take long and it does!

Oh and then there’s a bed quilt project on the go.  Net result is non-existent progress on any of them. I keep hoping I’ll have a good quilting day one weekend and get one of them cracked but at the moment that’s not to be.  All in all very fustrating!!


The colourful world of Kaffe Fassett

Earlier this week, we went to the American Museums just outside Bath.  It’s 30 years since I last visited – the quilts there were the inspiration that resulted in me eventually starting to quilt myself.

The Kaffe Fassett exhibition was wonderful, quirky and had a tremendous feel good feeling right from the start


I particularly liked the way the exhibition pulled together the various medium he has used into the different colours which showed how the same tones have run through all his work.



Like many, I first came across Kaffe Fassett with his designs for Rowan Yarns – I loved both the yarns and the wonderful designs.  Then I rediscovered him when he moved to needlepoint – I’d done tapestry since I was a teenager and very much welcomed his colours and freer designs.


And of course, now I enjoy making quilts from his wonderful fabrics.  What a talented and inspiring man!



Festival of Quilts 2014

Yesterday a friend and I made our annual trip to the NEC for the Festival of Quilts.  It’s always such an inspiration to see the variety of ideas, interpretations and just beautiful quilts.

I was really pleased that Philippa Naylor had won the traditional quilt category and thought the quilt was superb


The overall winner was also pretty amazing too -


As was the clock

FoQclock    IMG_1327

Some of the other quilts that caught my eye were













Layout Choices for Log Cabin

So I’ve completed 50 log cabin blocks (which actually came together much quicker than I’d thought they would) and am contemplating the layout.


Simple furrows which I quite like


Off centre barnraising, which again looked ok


Not so inspiring, I thought


Or this – the whole quilt seemed to go very flat


Slightly better


On balance this was my favourite – good old barnraising.