Quilt Challenge

Tula Pink Blocks Quilt Challenge 2017

November Blocks and quilt progress

It’s been a busy and productive month!  Eileen has finished her blocks,  Jo has got into the swing of block making and I’ve put together my blocks.

So firstly here are Eileen’s last 10 blocks.  She’s hoping to get the sashing done by Christmas – fingers crossed.

tula_13 tula_19 tula_24

















tula_38 tula_27











tula_50 tula_78 tula_85















tula_100 tula_98













And here are Jo’s blocks – I love the fabrics she has chosen






IMG_1616 IMG_1615 IMG_1614 IMG_1613




















IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1612























And finally here’s how my quilt top has finished up -

IMG_1621 IMG_1624











I’ll quilt it once my studio has been converted which will hopefully be early next year.


October Blocks

I’ve finished my blocks!  And bought the fabric for the shadow and background -







But first here are Eileen’s – she’s on target to get her’s all done by the end of November.  I can’t wait to see her’s and my blocks starting to come together into our respective quilts.  I always find this the most exciting part of making quilts.

tula_88 tula_95 tula_99

















tula_82 (2) tula_81 tula_77

















tula_71 tula_36












tula_34 tula_26














And here are mine -

IMG_1598 IMG_1599 IMG_1600















IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1595















IMG_1594 IMG_1593










September Blocks

It’s been good to spend a bit of time focusing on this quilt and getting my blocks done.  I’ve definitely decided to make 64 so I have 8×8 rows so just 8 more to make in October!  Here are my September blocks -

IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1585















IMG_1586 IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1591

And here are Eileen’s Blocks

santa face (2) tula_21 tula_29
















tula_33 tula_35 tula_59















tula_66 tula_68










tula_74 tula_93


August Blocks

I’ve caught up on my July blocks! -






IMG_1567 IMG_1565 IMG_1564

IMG_1563 IMG_1562

IMG_1561 IMG_1560

And then I did my August blocks -

IMG_1573 IMG_1572 IMG_1571


IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1577

I’m starting to think about the size of the quilt and the layout now I’ve got 49 blocks under my belt.  I might experiment with a shadow effect for the layout and am thinking what 8×8 blocks would come out size wise.

Here are Eileen’s blocks -

tula_69 tula_67 tula_62
















tula_60 tula_51 (2) tula_49















tula_31 tula_30














tula_21a tula_21

July Blocks

As I’ve been busy with the batik jelly roll quilt, I’ve  got a bit behind with my blocks and will need to catch up.  But here are Eileen’s blocks -

tula_04 tula_01







tula_18 tula_22 tula_54















tula_72 tula_79 tula_83 tula_96

June Blocks

Eileen is on a roll and has done her blocks for June and a few more besides -

tula_65 tula_70 tula_89 tula_90 tula_94






























tula_03 tula_07












tula_08 tula_39












And here are mine -







IMG_1497 IMG_1496










IMG_1495 IMG_1494


















May Blocks

Here are my May blocks.  I find making them very enjoyable  – the fun of choosing which blocks I’m going to make this time round and then working out what fabrics to use.  Somehow just making one block at a time, each one different feels very liberating -


And these are Eileen’s -

tula_58 tula_63b













tula_73 tula_79




















tula_16 tula_42 (2)





















April Blocks

I’ve spent a gentle afternoon working on my next 7 blocks.







Something to distract but easy to do while getting over the chemo side effects!

And here are Eileen’s blocks -

tula_92 tula_86 tula_84


















tula_80 tula_64 tula_53



















tula_47 tula_45 tula_44 tula_43


March Sewing Day

The three of us managed to get together in March and had a great day sewing blocks together.

Here are my 7 next blocks







And here are Eileen’s – she’s been going great guns with the 100 blocks she’s making across the rainbow.  I think it will be a stunning quilt when it’s done -

IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4989













IMG_5008 IMG_5007 IMG_5006


IMG_5004 IMG_5003 IMG_5002 IMG_4998




















IMG_4997 IMG_4996 IMG_4995 IMG_4993


Jo also got busy with her blocks.  She’s decided to several versions of a fewer number of blocks so that will be another interesting way of using the blocks – no photos as yet but I’m sure there will be soon.  Her fabrics are too scrummy to remain unseen for long!

February sets of blocks 

So Eileen and I have been busy over the last week making blocks from our fabric choices.

Here are Eileen’s -

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5

And here are mine – I really enjoyed making them as when you’re just making one block you can just focus on that one and not worry about a bigger picture. I particularly enjoyed choosing the fabrics for each block which I think took the most time.  I’m afraid I didn’t name them but am happy for them to remain numbers at this stage.






IMG_2026 IMG_2023










IMG_2018 IMG_2019




Fabric Choices

So over the last week, we’ve all been thinking about the colours and fabrics we’d like to use for the quilt and which lay out we going to aim for.

I’ve decided to base my colour scheme on a Moda breast cancer fabric







Although there’s not a lot of purple in the fabric, I think a mixture of pinks, purples and greens would give a lot of scope and variety in the blocks.







I’m currently thinking the trellis layout will be the one I go for with maybe a dark pink sashing and pale green background.

So now I need to decide on my first 7 blocks and get sewing.  And as soon as the others send photos of their fabric choices, I’ll add them.

The Challenge

A couple of fellow quilters and I get together every so often to sew.  Sometimes we all make something like a Christmas runner or bag, sometimes we work on our own projects.  Either way they are really enjoyable days with much time spent admiring the colour choices and skills of each other.

All of us have been influenced by the wonderful modern fabrics that are now available and the modern quilt movement which has brought simplicity and new ideas to the world of quilting.

So we thought it would be fun to each do a quilt using some or all of the quilt blocks designed by Tula Pink.  I know there are many other who have done this but that has only served as an inspiration given the wonderful quilts that come up if you google Tula Pink Block Quilts.

Hoping to get the quilts done this year, and as we live quite far apart and two of us currently have some health issues, we are planning to make a certain number blocks each month whether or not we manage to get together.  We will share these with each other as we go along.

Apart from planning to use some Breast Cancer fabric as a feature fabric and the basis of my colour scheme and to auction the finished quilt, I’ve still got the pleasure of starting the fabric choosing from my stash to look forward too.

I can’t wait to see what colour choices and blocks the others choose!