Jinny Beyer Tote Bag

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, when I visited Jinny Beyer’s studio last November, I bought a couple of her kits so I could get to use her fabrics on some very nice designs.  I’ve just made up the first of the kits – a fabulous tote – I love the rainbow fabrics which are foundation pieced.










And the contrast fabric which also is used for the lining really gives it a lift.

It was an expensive kit ($92)  so I was rather disappointed that the foundation piecing was printed in two sections which needed to be enlarged on a photocopier.  As I don’t currently have access to one, I had to draw out the foundation section on interfacing (which wasn’t supplied despite being required).  I find this a disappointment with so many kits that not everything you need is included and given the price of this one, it could have been.  Rather than putting in a zipped top, (again no zip provided), I decided to make a tab and button closure.

Having said that, it is a very lovely bag and I’m looking forward to using it a lot!