Hector and Hessian – a bit of fun!

We’re having an Open Gardens & Scarecrow Show in our village today.  Rather ambitiously, we decided to make Hector and Hessian jumping over our hedge.  It seemed like a good idea before we started!

It has taken much studying of pictures of horses jumping over fences, quite a bit of hessian and straw and lots of invention!  Getting him in position over the holly hedge last night was a challenge but  a bit of bribery of male family members with a BBQ first seemed to do the trick





Scrap Quilt finished and ready for new home

A friend wanting to quilt her quilt this weekend was a good incentive to get my scrap quilt onto the frame and quilted over the last couple of weekends.


Simple quilting was all that seemed necessary  given it’s overall business.  Also for me, scrap quilts really are utilitarian and so it seems right to keep it simple.

I made the binding from scraps and then have enjoyed sitting in the garden to sew it on.  In some ways, it’s one of my favourite parts of the quilt process – it’s the final finishing touch and I can start thinking about  my next project in earnest!

Although I’m planning to give it to my mother for her spare room, I couldn’t resist popping it onto one of my beds and admiring it!

IMG_0888 (2)