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New York for the 3rd time!

And so here’s my third cushion made from New York themed  fabrics using patterns from the Pillow Pop book.

One side uses 2 subway inspired fabrics in an simple “round the houses” variation of log cabin -


And the other side is a mixture of strips of vertical and horizontal “scraps”



Quilting the Raffle Quilt

At our forthcoming show of quilts at the URC in Little Waltham, we are going to raffle a quilt to raise funds for Farleigh Hospice.


The blocks for the quilt were made by the group’s members mainly from fabrics from Pat who died a little while ago.  She was a very talented quilter as well as being a lovely lady.  Carolyn did a fabulous job in putting it all together.

It has been my pleasure to quilt it  – I admired many of the quilts Pat made and her high standards of workmanship were something to aspire to.



Pineapple quilt quilting finished!

With the Avanti back and running perfectly, it took no time at all to get the last bit of the top quilted and the binding sewn on.


Hopefully a couple of hours of gentle handsewing of the binding on the back and it can go on our bed for a few weeks before being shown at Little Waltham Patchwork Friends Quilt Show at the United Reform Church in Little Waltham on the 11th and 12th April.



Avanti 18 – Problems solved!

Cotton Patch did a wonderful job sorting out my machine and giving it a thorough service.  There was play in the needle shaft – no doubt a a result of some ugly incidents with rulers when I was just starting out.  As I’m working on a batik top, this didn’t make things easier for making my stitches.

Once it was back, and I’d moved up to an 18 needle and slackened the thread and quilt tensions, she quilted beautifully – and much more quietly!


Timing issues with Avanti 18

This weekend has been a bit of a journey of discovery -  I’m the sort of person who uses machines rather than understanding them.  So  when 90% of the way through quilting my latest quilt, I couldn’t pick up the bobbin thread and the needle was catching on the hook shuttle, it all looked rather disastrous.  Diagnosis from my partner who not only uses machines but understands them and a surf of the net introduced me to the concept of “timing”.

We were steered in the direction of a Youtube video about timing in APQS machines -

This was quite helpful as an introduction but obviously having a Handi Quilter we were concerned about the differences between machines.

Then we came across

which is done on a Handi Quilter Avanti 18.  This seems to focus on the position of the needle at its lowest point and the hook but while this has improved/enabled stitching on the machine as soon as I move to the left and away from me, I’m getting huge skips so things are still awry.

Skipped stitches

So it’s a call to Cotton Patch from whom I bought my machine tomorrow to see if they can assist with a bit more detail on the correct position of the needle etc.


Update on the timing

We spoke to Cotton Patch who said they could provide us with a DVD and timing kit.  It arrived today and with the aid of the DVD which was very good, we were able to check out and correct the timing.

Unfortunately while the stitch quality is much better and as soon as I moved the machine away from me, I was back to massive skipped stitches.


We think its because there’s too much play in the needle shaft – probably due to a few “ugly incidents” over the years.

So it’s going to have to go back to Cotton Patch for  further investigation and a full service.  It’s so fustrating – I’ve only got about 2 hours of quilting to do and my pineapple quilt would be finished.