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Gorgeous fabric – great bag!

Gorgeous fabric – great bag!

I was buying some wadding at my local patchwork shop , Sew & So’s in Bungay and was captivated by this gorgeous fabric but wasn’t certain what I’d make with it and then I remembered a great bag pattern I had.  I’d used it some time back to make a bag for a friend and always meant to make one for myself.  Now was my excuse – rescue some fabric clearly in need of a home and get to make a new bag!

There’s plenty of quilting of the various pieces to start with.  The pattern suggests using pellon fleece so it’s nice and stiff, hence the quilting to hold it all together being quite important.  As I was between quilts on the quilting frame, I decided to use my long arm to get this all done.

Once the quilting was done, it was a relatively simple matter of putting all the pieces together.  I love the pockets on the outside – great for rotary cutter, small rulers, pins etc and then the spacious middle can be used for fabrics.  It’s works well as a project or workshop bag as a result.

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