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Saying yes to negative space

Saying yes to negative space

Some years ago we bought a friend a T shirt which said “say no to negativity”!  This came to mind when I was quilting this – it’s all negative space in a way.  And having been to a ruler workshop when I was at the NEC a few weeks ago, I thought I’d have a play with some of my rulers.

The quilt top was based on a design by the Modern Quilt Studio though I made it my own size and improv pieced the four columns that make up the quilt.  I love the “sludgy” feel of some of the batiks I used.  It was a good challenge to myself on so many fronts – working only from fabrics I already had, at a size of individual pieces that were way bigger than I usually sew and for the quilting to really stand out as it wasn’t playing second fiddle to the piecing.  But it was worth it as I’m delighted with the outcome.

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