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Isn’t this such a sweet quilt?  It’s destined for a 6yr old grand daughter in a couple of weeks time.  Given her age, the customer thought simple allover quilting would be best and she liked my idea of loops and leaves and flowers for the patterned border and plain squares.  Given the contrast of the bright pink fabric on either side of the patterned border I suggested quilting this separately in an matching thread but again quilting it simply.  I took my time thinking about the best treatment for the butterflies and in the end decided on a simple echo of the butterfly wings.  For these I used invisible thread so there was no fighting of thread colour with the various different colours of used to make the butterflies.

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  • Sheena Wiffen
    1st August 2019

    Beautiful work.

    Lovely meeting you today.

    Thank you for the lifts.

    Enjoy your evening.

    Sheena & Heidi

  • Margaret
    4th August 2019

    The butterfly quilt was made by a friend of mine I have just this moment seen it totally finished and it looks wonderful what a terrific job you have done with your quilting technique.

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