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Quite a quilt!

Quite a quilt!

So at 95 x108 this was quite a quilt to quilt!  I had to extend my quilting frame – which led to me revamping my studio which works so much better so all good really.

As the quilt told a story of dark clouds followed by sunshine and then the flowers growing from the soil replenished with the sun and the rain, I used lines on the dark blue area representing rain from the dark clouds and interspersed meanders in the yellow areas with suns and the word sunshine.  The “green” area was quilted with a loopy meander featuring leaves and flowers.

There was quite a large border to the quilt as the customer wanted it to extend down the sides and bottom of the bed.  And with the hexagons being very organic in shape, it varied in depth.  So I worked from the edge in and decided on “piano keys” using a new ruler which were topped with the double ovals.  Between that and the hexagons I used a filler so it didn’t matter how variable the depth was.  For the top, I included the words which were something of a family motto for the customer, with “sunshine” just emerging from the dark clouds.

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