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This is where the excitement starts

This is where the excitement starts

When I’m starting a new quilting job, I like to have the quilt for a little while in advance of starting so I can get to know it and think about how to quilt it.  Obviously the client will have told me what she prefers (or more often she doesn’t like!) and whether it’s to be an all over pattern or more customised but when it comes to the detail I’m generally given free reign which is lovely.

This is the case here where the only direction is for me to custom quilt it.  As I’ve quilted for her before, I know she likes variegated threads and quite a lot of variety when it comes to the quilting.  So I’m thinking about using some of my new rulers on the quilt along with a range of free motion quilting motifs and meanders for the background.

So here I am playing  with the threads and feeling full of anticipation as I get started.  And I love the fabric she’s chosen for the back!

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